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The Squadron Supreme are the only superheroes on their Earth, in a universe parallel to our own: Earth-712. After being mind-controlled by an alien called the Overmind and ruining their Earth, they freed themselves but found that their people hated them for what they had done. Partially responsible for the chaos enveloping their world, they chose to take control of the planet to solve its problems. As such they took active responsibility for more than just fighting crime and supervillains and took on poverty and hunger, the environment and public health. The original team comprised Hyperion, Nighthawk, Dr Spectrum, Amphibian, Power Princess, Whizzer and Skrullian Skymaster.


The Squadron Supreme appeared in The Super Hero Squad Show episode "Whom Continuity Would Destroy". The members present are Nighthawk, Power Princess, and Hyperion. Thanos and Grandmaster pit Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, and Hulk against Nighthawk, Power Princess, and Hyperion.

The Super Hero Squad Show Season 2 Episode 1022:02

The Super Hero Squad Show Season 2 Episode 10


The Squadron Supreme (consisting of Hyperion, Princess Power, Nighthawk, Whizzer, and Doctor Spectrum) were seen in flashbacks in the Avengers Assemble episode "Hyperion". They were stated to have been heroes on Hyperion's home world, and were killed when the planet was destroyed in a civil war.

Avengers Assemble Season 1, Episode 7 -- Hyperion21:33

Avengers Assemble Season 1, Episode 7 -- Hyperion

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