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Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends Season 1 Episode 4 - Sunfire24:00

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends Season 1 Episode 4 - Sunfire


Firestar encounters another mutant with powers identical to her own. His name is Sunfire and as the pair develop a relationship he reveals to her that his uncle Genju needs their assistance in igniting his Fusion Reactor; a machine which Sunfire believes will supply energy to the entire world and benefit all of humanity. Unbeknown to Sunfire, his uncle’s true motivation is far more sinister. Genju plans to use the couple's combined powers to release his fire monster, a creature of mass destruction under his control. Iceman meanwhile has misgivings about Firestar becoming emotionally involved with Sunfire due to a bad confrontation he had with him in the past. Spider-Man and Iceman decide to investigate Genju’s company Ichi-Ban Electronics. Robots capture the duo as Sunfire and Firestar, unaware of the true situation, ignite the fusion reactor. The fire monster is released as the couple is drained of their power. Firestar and Sunfire manage to free their friends who help them regain their powers by using the residue energy in the fusion reactor. The four heroes then attempt to stop the monster from destroying the city. Firestar drains a nearby water source and Iceman freezes the water. Spider-Man lures the creature towards them as Firestar and Sunfire melt the ice. The monster is extinguished in a torrent of water. The lovers say an emotional farewell as Sunfire departs to ensure his uncle receives the best possible help. 

Featured Characters:





Uncle Genju

Samurai Robot

Fire Monster

Aunt May

Ms. Lion

Flash Thompson

MONITOR'S NOTES: Sunfire first Comic Book AppearanceEdit



The X-Men meet Sunfire for the first time.

Sunfire appears in New York City and destroy a monument, while his father speaks. Iceman, Beast and Angel fight him, but he manages to escape, after seriously injuring Beast.

Latter, in Shiro Yoshida's place, he is talking to his uncle, about how the US destroyed Hisoshima with the nuclear bomb, which affects his mother and made him a mutant. In the past, Shiro had sworn that he would make the Americans pay for what they have done to his country.

Sunfire now wants to destroy the Capitol, in Washington - DC, to prove Japan power, even against his father will. The X-Men (without Beast) have followed him and battle him, almost being defeated.

Suddenly, Mr. Yashida shows up at the top of Capitol monument, and tries to make his son to give up his uncle's evil plan. But then, Sunfire's uncle shoot Sunfire's father. The mutant kills his uncle, but his father is dies.

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