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Black widow

black widow russia


An unproduced TV series about Black Widow and Daredevil, just an amazing photo shot. The follow article is from the news section in The Comic Reader #122 (September 1975):

"Angela Bowie, last seen dressing up as a certain Amazon princess for an audition for the role of same on television, has recently appeared in Newsweek doing the same thing for a still-sketchy series based on The Black Widow. Ms. Bowie would appear as 'an unangelic' version of Natasha in this proposed TV series. In the photo above, the guy standing behind her is actor friend Ben Carruthers, who is supposed to be dressed as Daredevil (in case you couldn't tell). She was heard to give a sample of some of the kind of dialogue that could be expected: 'You would do well to watch your tone. The Black Widow does not take orders from anyone.' We won't hold our breath waiting for this to be bought by the networks."


Angela Bowie ... The Black Widow

Ben Carruthers ... Daredevil


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