The "Hulk Dogs" are a breed of dogs created by use of gamma radiation similar to that procedure which created the Hulk himself. They were created by their master David Banner. The group consists of a Poodle, a Bull Mastiff, and a Pit Bull. David Banner was attempting to unleash the Hulk upon everyone and created the dogs to find Betty Ross. While they were searching for Betty, the dogs ruined a peaceful moment for the Hulk and Betty when they come out of the forest and engaged the Hulk in battle. Two dogs attack the Hulk with two trees, while Betty is in the midst of being attacked by the Poodle. The Hulk knocks the two dogs out with the trees and kills the Bull Mastiff. The Poodle then tries to attack Betty, but the Hulk grabs it, and slams it onto Betty's windshield, killing it. Afterwards, the Pit Bull attempts to bite the Hulk on his shoulder. The Hulk pops his collar bone, breaks the dog's jaw, and then slams it onto Betty's car, killing it as well.


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