Silver Surfer 199405:06

Silver Surfer 1994



In Nasa: Deep Space Tracking Facility - Nevada - Tuesday,an UFO is identified getting closer to earth,the scientists attempt to discover what is the object,a boy is then seeing chased by a group of bullies,going back to the facility a scientist report that the object is about to "destroy" earth is 5 seconds,we go back to the kid,still being chased by the group of bullies from earlier shot,they force him to give the terminator doll to them,the object then arrives to earth,but strangely disappears,just as the bullies turn to leave,a mysterious wind begins to blow,something is then shown appearing in front of them,revealing it as a man made of a silver substance,the man gets off his surfboard,The Silver Surfer steps forward,the leader of the bullies drops the action figure and runs away,followed by the gang members,The Silver Surfer crouches and picks up the terminator action figure,using his powers,he transforms it into a toy of his figure and giving it back to the boy before getting on his board as he flies out of view. 

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