Dr. Jemma Simmons is a bio-chemist working for S.H.I.E.L.D. who specializes in life sciences (both human and alien) and is the partner of Agent Leo Fitz, an engineer.


Early LifeEdit

A bio-chem genius with two PHD's, Jemma Simmons attended the S.H.I.E.L.D. training academy with her best friend, engineering genius Leo Fitz. Among their instructors were Professor Vaughn and Professor Hall, who taught chemical kinetics during their second year.

Wanting to see more than the inside of a lab, and against the advice of Professor Vaughn, Jemma convinced Fitz to seek out a field assignment.

Field WorkEdit

Jemma and Fitz were recruited by agent Phil Coulson to be the science crew for a new team he was putting together. Stationed on the Bus, the pair have designed specialized equipment and compounds on the fly in various emergency situations.

Their first foray into the field involved the case of Michael Peterson, a man in danger of exploding due to his use of the volatile Centipede formula. Peterson was saved in part by Jemma's efforts to create a Centipede counter-agent for Peterson.

Jemma first faced danger in the field in Peru, where the team was investigating an 0-8-4. She and the team escaped Peruvian rebels only to face an armed takeover of the Bus. Working with the team, she helped take back the Bus and secure the old hydra weapon.

While investigating a mysterious death in Pennsylvania, Jemma was infected with a fatal alien virus passed along from a Chitauri helmet. After what appeared to be a final failed attempt at a cure, Jemma threw herself from the Bus in flight in order save her team from the virus' effect. Fortunately for her, the cure was actually effective and teammate Grant Ward caught her in mid-flight, injected her with the antiserum, and parachuted them to safety.


Jemma is usually highly enthusiastic and has a bright personality. She has a deep passion for science. She is also very accepting and forgiving (examples include forgiving Skye for betraying the team in "Girl in the Flower Dress" Jemma can usually be found bickering with her best friend and partner, engineer Leo Fitz, but they are usually found together. They are so close, Jemma and Fitz are often referred to as Fitzsimmons.

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