1997 SPAWN

(Wizard #77 January 1998) Terry Fitzgerald of Todd McFarlane Productions confirmed that there will be a sequel to last summer's 

"Spawn" live-action film from New Line Cinema.  "I just received the official optioning letter," Fitzgerald said.

It's likely Michael Jai White will return as Spawn.  Early indications are the sequal might be spookier than the  first film, in line with the current flavor of the comic and the animated series.




A sequel, tentatively titled Spawn 2, has been in development hell, since 1998. Michael Jai White confirmed himself to be a part of the project in 2001, as did producer Don Murphy, though their involvements were not confirmed. McFarlane has stated that the film will be primarily centered around the detective characters Sam and Twitch, leaving Spawn without a speaking part. During a interview, Todd McFarlane confirmed that the sequel is a franchise reboot — not a direct sequel — similar to Batman Begins and both the 2004 version of The Punisher and 2008's Punisher: War Zone. In 2007 plans were made for Todd McFarlane Funding to make a new Spawn movie, scheduled for release in 2008.The movie may simply be called Spawn, according to Home Media Magazine. While a guest on the Scott Ferrall show on Sirius radio, a caller asked if he had any plans to do the sequel. He said "It's coming out no matter what. Even if I have to produce, direct and finance it myself, it's going to come out."

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