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Arrow 1x09 Extended Promo "Year's End" (HD) Mid-Season Finale

Arrow 1x09 Extended Promo "Year's End" (HD) Mid-Season Finale


Adam Hunt is killed by a mysterious archer; Detective Lance deduces that a copycat is at work, but his superior publicly blames the hooded vigilante. Oliver plans a Christmas party at the mansion to bring back the spirit of the holidays to his family, to which Tommy invites Laurel. A flashback shows Yao Fei's capture of Edward Fyers, who tells Oliver that the island was a prison for dangerous criminals and that his unit was tasked to exterminate the prisoners, including Yao Fei. Yao Fei is captured by Fyers's men while leading Oliver to a possible escape from the island. In the present, Oliver saves some hostages from the mysterious archer, and the two archers are injured after fighting. The mysterious archer gets away but is revealed to be Malcolm Merlyn, Tommy's father. Walter is kidnapped by one of Malcolm's associates to ensure that Moira will not interfere with Malcolm's organization's plans for the city. While recovering in the hospital, Oliver swears to take down the man he believes is behind the archer. 


The vent by O'Neil and Adams street are references to Dennis O'Neil and Neal Adams. Legendary writer and artist (respectively) at DC who revamped Green Arrow and Green Lantern in the 1970s.