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Arrow 1x06 Legacies - Oliver takes down the bank robbers

Arrow 1x06 Legacies - Oliver takes down the bank robbers


Oliver begins preparing to take on another individual from his father's list, but Diggle argues that he should expand his work and help the police take down a group of bank robbers. Oliver initially refuses, believing that it detracts from his mission to right his father's wrongs; Diggle is able to persuade Oliver in the end. Oliver uses police files and IT specialist Felicity Smoak to deduce that the robbers are actually a family unit, and that the leader Derek Reston worked for Queen Industries before Robert Queen outsourced 1500 jobs to China and the Reston family lost their home as a result. Feeling guilty, Oliver tries to persuade Derek to right his own wrongs, but when he learns that the family are going to rob another bank he chooses to stop them. During Oliver's confrontation, Derek is shot and dies. Meanwhile, Tommy throws Laurel a fundraiser to help her pro-bono law firm, CNRI, stay in business; Tommy hopes that this will show Laurel that he is serious about wanting a relationship with her. Flashbacks also reveal how Oliver first discovered the target names in his father's notebook. 


This episode marks the first time Oliver is seen during the day as Arrow, as the character normally operates at night.

  • This episode marks the first physical appearance of the Royal Flush Gang, only making two other appearances in
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    Batman Beyond and Justice League Unlimited both set in the DC comic universe.
  • When at Laurel's office, Tommy mentions visiting Coast City, a military city where Green Lantern Hal Jordan lives and operates.