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Arrow season 1




After a girl dies from using a new form of Vertigo, Oliver sets out to interrogate the Count and determine who is dealing drugs in the Glades. Oliver quickly determines the Count has lost his mind from the Vertigo overdose he received from Oliver months prior. When news reports state that the Count escaped the facility shortly after he left, Oliver suspects that the Count was faking his mental illness. Meanwhile, Detective Lance finds loose connections between Tommy and Vertigo, and attempts to uncover the truth, which almost leads him to discovering Oliver's hideout. Fortunately, Tommy has all of Oliver's gear stored so that Lance does not find anything. Tommy eventually quits the club after realizing that Oliver did not trust that he had nothing to do with any drug dealing; this leads Tommy to ask his father for a job. Felicity isolates an anti-psychotic compound in the drug, and Oliver realizes that the Count's psychiatrist is the one really behind the re-emergence of Vertigo. Oliver stops the doctor, and opts not to kill the Count, who truly lost his mind from the Vertigo overdose and was the unwitting scapegoat of the doctor's actions. Afterward, Oliver decides to help Diggle track down Deadshot, who was responsible for the death of Diggle's brother. In a flashback, Yao Fei's daughter, Shado, begins training Oliver to use a bow. 


This marks the second appearance of Vertigo.

  • The title's episode is a reference to Oliver and The Count's past together, though Oliver himself uses it later in the episode when referring to John Diggle and Floyd Lawton.
  • The coordinates that Felicity gives Oliver (47.6097°N, 122.3331°W) are actually located within Seattle, Washington.
  • Thea Queen and Moira Queen do not appear in this episode. 
  • The episodes plot is in many ways similiar an episode of the animated series Batman Beyond, entitled "The Winning Edge," in which the venom formula that gave the Batman villain, Bane, his super strength, was being passed off as a steriod, sold to teenagers and manufactured by Bane's doctor, Chapel.
  • When the Count appears, he is mumbling dialogue from the classic film Vertigo.