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Arrow season 1




Helena returns to Starling City to kill her father after she learns that he plans to make a deal with the F.B.I. for a pardon on his sentence and witness protection. Helena asks Oliver for help, but when he refuses she attacks Tommy to force his assistance. The pair go after a set of armored trucks, but Helena is captured by the police when it is revealed to have been a trap. Oliver breaks her out of police custody to protect his secret and demands that she leave Starling City. Instead, Helena forces Felicity to find her father's location. Oliver discovers the truth and manages to stop Helena from killing her father, but when McKenna arrives, Helena shoots her and escapes. In the hospital, McKenna reveals to Oliver that she plans to move to Coast City for her rehab, effectively ending their relationship. Meanwhile, Tommy struggles with his knowledge of Oliver's secret, which in turn affects his relationship with Laurel. Dinah presents her evidence of Sara's existence to her ex-husband and Laurel. In a flashback to the island, Oliver and Slade steal a circuit board to a missile launcher from Fyers and attempt to leverage it as a means to get off the island. 


This marks the return of The Huntress.