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Superman vs. The Elite is an animated superhero film based on "What's So Funny About Truth, Justice & the American Way?," the story published in the comic book Action Comics #775 (March 2001). The movie was adapted and written by Joe Kelly, who wrote the comic it was based on, and is directed by Michael Chang. It was released on June 12, 2012.[1] The film also featured the return of George Newbern as Superman, and David Kaufman as Jimmy Olsen, reprising their roles from the DC animated universe.[2] It is the 14th film in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies line.


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The movie opens up with Manchester Black watching multiple news stories about villains and giving them second chances. As, all of the news stories close down to one solution, the world wants solutions to all of the evil in the world; by killing it. When Manchester sees that this is what the world wants, he turns off the TV and begins his plot to keep the world any means necessary. Back at Metropolis, Lois and Clark have recently witnessed the death of multiple people in the street at the hands of the Atomic Skull who was killing people to draw out Superman. As the battle erupted throughout most of the city, Superman ended up defeating Atomic Skull by throwing him into a lake. After the events of the Atomic Skull attack, Superman is giving a speech at the United Nations about the greater good that is found within everyone. When Bialyia and Pokolistan leaders begin to fuss about their peace treaty being broken, Superman leaves the United Nations to go and stop their armed forces from destroying each other. As Superman arrives in Bialya, he is a bit too late to negotiate peace between the two sides. The Pokolistani forces release their bio weapon on Bialyan military which destroyed most of their ground forces.

As Superman gets the soldiers to safety from the bio weapon, The Elite arrive just in time to help the Man of Steel destroy the bio weapon. Superman eventually returns to Metropolis to report the news and also gain more information on the Elite. Superman and Lois fly to England to find if they, and the world, can trust the Elite. It is revealed through Manchester Black that he gained his powers near puberty and used it for the first time to save his sister Vera. Through telepathy, Black gets a painful headache of multiple people screaming. The Elite and Superman arrive on the scene to save the civilians. With Superman and Black having lifted up the subway train underwater, Black interrogates the terrorists that were bombing the train nearly killing them. Superman begins to judge the motives of his new-found friends. Back in Metropolis, Clark and Lois talk about the information they had found on the Elite and also the back-story of Manchester Black. Lois tells Clark that there is no death certificate or birth record of Manchester's sister Vera. This makes Clark further question the origin of the Elite and what they are really trying to accomplish. When Manchester broadcasts a message for all the world to hear, he ends up telling them that they'd take care of all the bad guys in the world by killing them.

After the broadcast, Superman returns to the Fortress of Solitude to search for reliable information on the Elite. Having failed in finding information, Superman travels to Bialya to stop the Elite. Flying in over Bialya, Superman is hit by an EMP which leaves him in a bad state of mind. Closing in for the kill, Pokolistani forces are about to finish Superman off. However, the Elite attack them before that can happen. Powerless to stop the chaos that the Elite are inflicting on the Pokolistani military, Superman ends up passing out. He eventually awakens at the Elite's base of operations and is teleported back to Earth after he failed to convince the Elite that they did not have to kill to be heroes. In Metropolis, Atomic Skull had recently broken out of prison and is looking for revenge on Superman. The Elite arrived before Superman so they could end Atomic Skull's criminal career. However, The Elite were having little success defeating the overpowered Atomic Skull. When Superman arrived on the scene, he coordinated an attack with the Elite to get all the extra power away from Atomic Skull. After Atomic Skull's power was drained by Coldcast, he was executed by Manchester Black under the vote of a kid whose father was one of Atomic Skull's victims.

After protecting Pokolistan from Bialya jet pilots, Superman is visited by the Elite who tell him that they have recently killed both the Pokolistan and Bialya leaders and that peace can reign supreme in that area once again. Angered by Manchester's uncontrollable urge to kill the villains, Superman punches him in the face and the Elite take it as a statement of war against the world's "favorite heroes." They tell Superman that they will kill him for this outrage. The next day, Superman is standing in the middle of Metropolis telling the Elite that he is ready to fight. Asking them to do it somewhere safe, they teleport to the Moon where they begin their fight. Almost dying, Superman begins to understand how to protect the world. Injecting Menagerie with a poison that causes her sym-beasts to abandon her to save themselves and forcing her into a state of death. The Hat attempts to exploit Superman's known weakness to magic but is suffocated by a whirlwind displacing oxygen and sucked into the funnel.

Against Coldcast's wishes, Manchester teleports them to Metropolis to use the innocent civilians as cover. While Black gives the order to combine powers to destroy Metropolis when Superman appears, a flash blur of red and blue appears and Coldcast is gone. Superman now appearing tells him that the blow knocked Coldcast into orbit. Manchester attacks Superman with everything he has but is effortlessly avoided. Through heat vision, he lobotomizes Manchester, stripping him of his powers. Believing his fate to be seconds away, Manchester tells Superman that the world knows he is no better than they are and will never trust him. Superman reveals that he did not kill any of the Elite, but he had his Super-Robots protect all of the citizens and create the false illusion that he killed them. They were really being transported to the Fortress of Solitude to be stripped of their powers, then sent to a prison. In the end, the people of Earth see that Superman's way is best for all of mankind. After that, he flies off with Lois and they kiss.

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