Who want to kill Jesse?


A researcher discovers a way to stimulate beneficial dreams to produce content, productive workers, but there's a problem. After an injection of her medication, dream elements become real. Rose learns this after dosing her husband Henry to stop his dreaming about Jessie, a curvaceous comic-book heroine who has anti-gravitational gloves he needs to study so he can solve a problem at the factory where he's chief engineer. Henry wakes up with Jessie asleep next to him pursued by a cowboy and a super hero. Jealousy consumes Rose. Includes a good bit of satire aimed at the Czechoslovak state.


Karel Effa ... Cowboy
Dana Medrická ... Doc. Ruzenka Beránková
Vladimír Mensík ... Kolbaba
Bedrich Prokos
Ilja Racek Olga Schoberová ... Jessie Svatopluk Skládal Jirí Sovák ... Doc. Jindrich Beránek
Juraj Visny

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