Supergirl (1973)

pinky montilla supergirl




Prima productions produced the first full lenght "Supergirl" movie staring Pinky Montilla.It was based on D.C Supergirl her costume has a official Superman logo on her chest just like D.C Supergirl.Some goddess played by Barbara Perez appeared in Neneng's dream played by Pinky Montilla and gave her the magical ring as a gift.She battled a giant frog, Zombies and A mad scientist played by Odette Khan

Casts: Pinky Montilla ... Neneng / Supergirl Walter Navarro Barbara Perez Liza Lorena Nick Romano Ike Lozada Mildred Ortega Joanna Garcia Cloyd Robinson Odette Khan Enrico Villa Bernard Calaguas Max Rojo Cita Del Rosario Rodin Rodriguez

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