E Cosi' Divennero I Tre Supermen Del West

Three Supermen of the West

E Cosi' Divennero I Tre Supermen Del WestEdit

With their time machine, the three Supermen try to recover antique treasures and end up in the West and find the most famous treasure of THE BANDIT. But the treasures vanish when they try to take them into their time.


George Martin ... George Salvatore Borghese ... Sal Frank Braña ... Brad Ágata Lys ... Yolanda / Agata Luigi Bonos ... Professor Aristide Panzarotti Cris Huerta ... Jake Patch Fernando Bilbao ... Sheriff Canticchia Juan Taberner ... Oliver Vittorio Fanfoni ... American José Canalejas ... Buffalo Bill Ignazio Spalla ... Navajo Joe Fernando Sancho ... FBI Director Angelo Santaniello
Gianclaudio Jabes
Luigi Antonio Guerra

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