3 Supermen and Mad Girl

3 Supermen and Mad Girl


Evil yet curvaceous platinum blonde in a red Vampirella outfit and rhinestone glasses does the bidding of a cut rate Satanic supercriminal in a rubber Halloween mask. They’re aided in their diabolical pursuits by their henchmen, a band of green robed Klansmen! Anyone who stands in their way gets done in by a raygun-toting robot made out of silver painted cardboard boxes who makes people disappear in puffs of smoke!


Levent Çakir ... Süper Adam Altan Bozkurt ... Süper Adam Hüseyin Sayar ... Süper Adam Emel Özden ... Çilgin Kiz Nubar Terziyan ... Alpanu Yesim Yükselen
Nuri Kirgeç
Mine Sun

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