1967 I Fantastici Tre Supermen

1967 I Fantastici Tre Supermen


Brad Harris stars as an FBI agent who enlists the help of two other agents. Donning red bullet-proof tights, utility belts, and suction cups to walk walls, they go after a criminal mastermind who is duplicating gold bricks and printing counterfeit money. Later the evil doctor creates clones of the Supermen themselves.


Tony Kendall ... Tony Brad Harris ... Brad Nick Jordan ... Nick Jochen Brockmann ... Golem Sabine Sun ... Astrid Bettina Busch ... Zizi Giuseppe Mattei ... Sarkis Carlo Tamberlani ... Professor Schwarz Evi Rigano ... Natascia Friedrich Joloff ... Ambassador Rossella Bergamonti ... Diana André Bollet ... Scar Jochen Blume ... Ortiz Gloria Paul ... Havana Scott

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