just imagine stan lee flash

The Flash, real name Mary Maxwell, debuted in Just Imagine Stan Lee and Kevin Maguire Creating Flash (November, 2001). Creators Stan Lee and Kevin Maguire based this version on the original character created by Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert.

A typical college girl whose father is a scientist, Mary's life was very dull and she longs to be a superhero, like in the comic books she reads. She also has a life-threatening disease that slowly drains her energy. One day, enemies from her father's past named STEALTH (Special Team of Espionage Agents Licensed to Target and Hit) find and kill him. Before he dies, though, he injects Mary with the DNA from a humming bird, to save her from her wasting disease


This series was more based on the Just Imagine Stan Lee's Flash.  A woman who get injected by DNA from a humming bird granting her the ablitiy to run fast. 

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