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Lobo the animated series unproduced

All photos provided by : Steven Gordan who was behind this presentation of this
Unfilmed proposed cartoon series.

In 1999, Batman: The Animated Series writer Boyd Kirkland developed a new Lobo series for Kids' WB with artist Steven Gordon. The series never went into production, as the network passed on it in a last-minute schedule announcement that year, to the surprise of the production team. The series was instead loosly adapted into an online cartoon.




(Boyd Kirkland  - he was the producer who was developing this project for WB.)

MEP: Could you give a brief explanation on your proposed Lobo TAS?

BK: This was supposed to be a lighter, more "kid-friendly" take on the Lobo character, with emphasis on wacky comedy designed to appeal to boys. Lobo was the extreme anti-hero, only a self-serving opportunist who often did right in spite of himself.

MEP: From looking at the artwork it looks like the Lobo webtoons.  Is this what they based them on or is it the same thing?

BK:  I haven't seen the Lobo webtoons, so can't comment on the comparison.

MEP: Could you give a run down on the characters you have pictured?

BK: The character descriptions & series pitch are buried away in storage somewhere, so can't help you out with these without doing some digging, which I don't really have time for at the moment.

MEP: What was this series based on? Superman TAS Lobo or comic book version?

BK: This was supposed to be a new take on Lobo, unrelated to the Superman version, and only loosely based on the comic books, which were far too "R" rated for a kids' cartoon.

MEP:  Why was this series passed on?

BK: You'd have to ask Jamie Kellner, chief exec. of the WB. He never needed to give reasons for why he liked or disliked a series. But if I had to guess, it would be because it didn't fit his template of all kids' cartoons having kid protagonists in them, rather than adults.

MEP: If this show was picked up would you have had DC Comic guest stars?

BK: There were no plans to include other DC guest stars. Lobo would have lived in his own universe.

MEP:  Did WB/DC ask you to work this up, or was a freelance hoping they would pick it up?

BK: The driving force behind getting the series on the air was Warner licensing, as they saw tremendous toy & merchandising possibilities for the property.

MEP: How much history did you know about Lobo?

BK:  Was never a fan of the Lobo comics, as they were far too dark for my tastes.
Only referred to them enough to spark ideas for the development.

Hope this helps...


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