That 70s show superfriends

That 70's Show Super Friends


That '70s Show - Super pals or super dumb asses01:31

That '70s Show - Super pals or super dumb asses




In a romantic moment, Donna presents Eric with a ring a la the promise ring that he gave to her, which broke them up in the first place. This ring is to signify their re-ignited love and promising future together though. Eric is really touched except for one thing -- the ring is the biggest, ugliest and oddest ring he has ever seen in his life. Because he loves Donna so much though, he decides that he's not going to say anything. Note the hilarious Super-Friends parody, with Eric as Superman, Donna as Wonder Woman, Kelso as Batman, Fez as Aquaman, and Hyde, and Jackie as Zan, and Jayna, The Wonder Twins.

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