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Japan batman

Batman of Shanghai



Shorts about Batman (voiced by Kirk Thornton), Bane (voiced by Kirk Thornton) and Catwoman (voiced by Stephanie Sheh) reimagined in 1930s Shanghai. Animated by Wolf Smoke.

Batman of Shanghai pt 1 CatwomanEdit

Set in Shanghai 1930, Catwoman steals an important scroll and must battle to keep it (a cameo is made by Bane).

Batman of Shanghai - Catwoman (1 3)01:16

Batman of Shanghai - Catwoman (1 3)

Batman of Shanghai pt 2 BaneEdit

Bane appears and obtains the Scroll of Destiny. 

Batman of Shanghai - Bane (2 3)01:16

Batman of Shanghai - Bane (2 3)

Batman of Shanghai pt 3 Bat-ManEdit

Batman battles Bane and Catwoman for the scroll.

Batman of Shanghai - Batman (3 3)01:16

Batman of Shanghai - Batman (3 3)

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