forever people 2

The patriarch of the planet New Genesis, Izaya (also known as Highfather), engaged in a social experiment wherein he selected five random individuals from different points in Earth's history and brought them to New Genesis. The five children (named Beautiful Dreamer, Moonrider, Big Bear, Serifan and Vykin) grew up as close friends and eventually began to refer to themselves as the Forever People.

Highfather's evil counterpart, the lord of Apokolips, Darkseid, kidnapped Beautiful Dreamer and brought her back to the planet Earth. Determined to rescue her, the four friends acquired a special Mother Box, and a flying Super-Cycle and teleported to Earth via Boom Tube to find her. There, they met Earth's champion Superman, who aided them in freeing Beautiful Dreamer from Darkseid's trap. Darkseid attempted to defeat the Forever People by dispatching a host of Gravi-Guards after them, but the team used the power of their Mother Box to summon a being known as the Infinity Man. A creature of cosmic level power, the Infinity Man successfully repelled Darkseid's forces, enabling Superman to wrest Beautiful Dreamer away from Darkseid’s grasp.

With the team reunited, the Forever People decided to remain on the planet Earth. They wanted to explore the world, and in so doing discover a part of their own missing heritage, but the forces of Darkseid were always nipping at their heels every step of the way. Darkseid even created the experimental energy parasite Mantis for the express purpose of stopping the Forever People. Fortunately, the superior power of the Infinity Man saved his allies' lives once again. They also called upon the Infinity Man to overcome the influence of Darkseid's evangelical lieutenant, Glorious Godfrey. Darkseid prepared for the Infinity Man's presence this time however, and managed to capture the team and bring them back to Apokolips where they were forced to endure interrogation and torture at one of DeSaad's faux amusement parks known as "Happyland". During this debacle, the five adolescents met a martial arts expert named Sonny Sumo, who aided in freeing them from DeSaad's torture chambers.


JLU TAS: Twilight pt 2

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