LOSH Timberwolf


Brin gained his super powers from experiments conducted on the fictional element Zuunium by his father, Dr. Mar Londo. A jealous android assistant of his father, named Karth Arn, switched identities with Brin, but the plot was eventually revealed when "Lone Wolf" first meets the Legion.[2] He was an initial graduate of the Legion Academy.[3] Brin was thought dead for six months, but had actually been kidnapped by the villain Tyr (during his captivity he gained more lupine features). He had a long standing romance with fellow Legionnaire Light Lass. They eventually broke up due to a misunderstanding when Light Lass found Timber Wolf embracing Saturn Girl on a frozen asteroid. In the Timber Wolf mini-series, he traveled back in time to the late 20th century, where he fought alien invaders before being returned to his home timeline.

In the fourth Legion of Super-Heroes series (known as V4 to fans), Timber Wolf was revealed to have been reduced to a giant and mindless dog-like creature named Furball, by new Legion member Kono. The transformation was caused by Doctor Regulus, who blasted Timber Wolf with a dose of radiation during his attempt to destroy the sun in the unseen storyline "Black Dawn". The Legion hid Brin's identity from most due to a desire to protect his friends from finding out what had become of him; when a young girl named Gemini discovered this, she "rescued" Brin from his teammates as they traveled the galaxy in search of Darkseid (who was holding Gemini's brother hostage). Intrigued by Gemini's kindness towards Brin, Darkseid restored Brin to normal in exchange for Gemini killing Darkseid. Brin returned the Legion, horrified at their treatment of him and fled using a time machine back to the 20th Century. There he befriended the "New Blood" super-hero Jamm and was experimented on again by mad scientists who sought to create their own "Timber Wolf". The process transformed Brin again, making him physically wolflike (with brownish black skin limited fur on his body) but allowed him to retain his mind. Timber Wolf returned to the future and ultimately reconciled with the Legion.


JLU TAS: Far From Home

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