Reep Daggle aka Chameleon and was not related to R. J. Brande. Reep is the son of Durla's spiritual leader making him his heir. During his first year of service with the Legion, his father and many of Durla's priesthood were murdered by the Composite Man, a mutant Durlan able to copy superpowers as well as appearance. The Durlan people would repeatedly attempt to get Chameleon to assume his father's position, but Reep refused, believing he would serve his people better as a Legionaire.

Chameleon at first could not speak Interlac and Invisible Kid had to translate.

After learning Interlac, he faked his lack of knowledge difficulty as a part of a sting operation against President Jeanne Chu, organized by Invisible Kid's Espionage Squad. He was the secret admirer of Spark, and the pair became close and began a relationship. He also maintained close friendships with Invisible Kid, Leviathan until his death and Sensor.


SUPERMAN TAS: New Kids in Town

JLU TAS: Far From Home


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