Tara is a princess of Shamballah (also referred as the Golden City in the world of Skartaris), a world found deep within the centre of the Earth. While battling a dinosaur, Travis Morgan, a displaced army pilot, arrived to assist her. After defeating the creature together, Tara taught him all she knew about fighting and in return, Travis gave her his broken watch which she regarded as a talisman. Soon afterwards, the two were separated by a band of slaves-makers, resulting in Travis being captured. Throughout their history together, Travis and Tara maintained and continued their relationship despite many separations and trials. In time they married and she was made Queen of Shamballah after the death of her father..


After US Air Force pilot Travis Morgan ended up in Skartaris, he married Tara. Tara supported her husband in their nation's struggle with Deimos and went to battle alongside him. After Deimos was defeated, she stood beside him during his victory speech.

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