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However, Modora was a poor nation, and it lacked the scientific resources Wladon would need to build his Nucleo-sonic motor. Wladon went to the US to obtain the materials he was looking for - by fair means or foul. Armed with a tuning fork gun he had created himself, Wladon began a crime spree under the name of Sonar. Unfortunately for him, he ran into Green Lantern Hal Jordan and his first outing ended with him being captured. This defeat did not dim Wladon's ambition or desire, rather it strengthened his resolve to lead his nation to what he believed was its rightful place. He was later released from prison because he helped with the haverst, and anyone who helps with the harvest is pardoned. In an attempt to prove Modora's greatness, he declared war on the neighbouring country of Granaco. Once again, Sonar found himself defeated by Green Lantern,and he was imprisoned for leading his country into war. Sonar first appeared when Lex Luthor joined the Legion. A while later, Sonar came to Luthor with Roulette who wanted more supervillains to fight at her arena. Luthor got the idea of using sound to control superheroines from Sonar. Sonar helped Roulette maintain her fights with his sound gadgets. While fighting Black Canary, he attempted to scramble her brains with one of his sound devices. After Huntress threatened Sonar with her crossbow, he stopped the control over Wonder Woman. Then, Sonar and Roulette were taken into custody.

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