Shining knight



Sir Justin, the Shining Knight, saved Merlin from the ogre Blunderbore - who turned out to be Morgaine Le Fay. In gratitude, Merlin gave Justin a magic armor and a mighty sword.

Justin lived far longer than any of the other knights. He joined the Seven Soldiers of Victory and the All-Star Squadron during World War II, and entered the Justice League during the expansion period following the Thanagarian invasion.


The first hero named Shining Knight was Sir Justin - a knight of the round table in the days of King Arthur. One day, while riding to battle an ogre named Blunderbore, Sir Justin was attacked by outlaws. As he fought them off, his lance scratched a tree, releasing the wizard Merlin. In gratitude to the knight, Merlin enchanted his sword and armor and gave his horse wings, renaming him Winged Victory. Merlin's gifts help Sir Justin prevail in his battle with the Blunderbore, but not before the ogre buried him and his horse in ice. [1]Sir Justin and his horse spent the next centuries in suspended animation before being revived in 1941 by Dr. Moresby. He took the name Justin Arthur for his civilian identity. He would fight evil wherever he found it, joining both the All-Star Squadron and the Seven Soldiers Of Victory. He also had a romance with Firebrand (Danette Reilly), who was slain by the Dragon King. He served as Winston Churchill's body guard Justin Arthur and took on a side kick named Squire. In a final battle with The Seven Soldiers of Victory with The Nebula Man. The energies that were released displaced the Soldiers to separate times. Shining Knight was placed in the era of Genghis Khan.

They were all brought back together by the efforts of The Justice League. He back amnesiac for some time and his memories would not come back until an encounter with Stripesy and his straighter Courtney, the team of Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. Justin joined his Soldiers of Victory for a revenge encounter with the Dragon King. He has a new high-tech armor that was voice activated to expand and collapse.

He joined the JSA during the Our Worlds at War epic, but has been seen infrequently.

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