Along with Ted Grand and Tim Moore, Nat Tyron made up one of the TNT trio which worked for Luthor. While carrying out a job for him which involved wrecking a nuclear reactor, Nat was caught under some lead shielding and nearly crushed. Superman saved the reactor from meltdown and arrested Grant and Moore; but they insisted they were alone, and as Superman could not see through the lead, he missed Tyron. Nat managed to free himself and get to Luthor's Lair #16, where the arch-villain himself found that Tyron was afflicted with radioactive poisoning. Luthor placed him under a special ray he claimed would cure him. In fact he planned to change and use Tyron. Soon, Luthor was captured by Superman and as a result, Tyron remained under the ray for a year. It was Superman's battle with the Mole that caused the vibrations which eventually freed Tyron, who awoke to find himself a walking human bomb - and fast turning into pure energy. Calling himself Neutron, he set out to wreak vengence on the three men he blamed for his plight; Grand, Moore and Superman. Grand was killed, but Superman thwarted Neutron's other plans and sent him to a special prison. Neutron first appeared when Lex Luthor switched his mind with Flash's. Flash held a meeting in order to find out what Lex Luthor's plan was. Neutron sided with Grodd when he tried to reclaim his position as leader. He was seen flying around and shooting his blasts. One of his blasts managed to knock down Giganta. Neutron's ultimate fate is not shown.

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