Machiste was born in the realm of Skartaris. He first met Travis Morgan, a US Air Force Liuetenant Colonel who had journeyed there, when they were both forced to serve as galley slaves aboard the ship Gryfalcon. Morgan and Machiste became friends and both were sold as gladiators. Their labors in the galleys had greatly strengthened their bodies, and the former gladiator She-bal trained them to become fighting machines.

Morgan led two hundred gladiators including Machiste, to freedom in a revolt. These men became the core of an army that Morgan successfully led against the tyrranical king Deimos of Thera, who intended to conquer the rest of Skartaris. As leader of this army, Morgan became known as Warlord.

After Deimos' defeat, Machiste went to the city of Kiro. he found an axe containing a demonic entity that took possession of his mind. The axe attached itself to Machiste's right hand so he could no longer let go of it. Under the demonic influence of the axe, Machiste became the tyrranical king of Kiro. Finally, Morgan severed Machiste's right hand and freed him from the axe's spell. Machiste replaced his right hand with a mace covered with sharp spikes.

Machiste left Kiro to accompany Morgan and his new ally Mariah. One day Mariah was drawn through a time warp into the Skartaris of the Age of the Wizard Kings, which is long before the coming of humanity. Machiste, who had fallen in love with Mariah, followed her through the time portal. There they became friends with the wizard Mongo Ironhand. Machiste and Mariah lived together in this past era as lovers for some time. Later they returned to the present and aided Warlord in his battle against the forces of New Atlantis. With New Atlantis defeated, Machiste returned to his duties as king of Kiro.


Machiste was a good friend of Travis Morgan. After falling ill with the "Black Death", he was brought to the Great Stone so that he could bathe in its powers. He was healed, thus devoted his life to guarding the rock.

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