Deimos was the ruler of the city-state of Thera, a realm in the land of Skartaris. He wished to rule all of Skartaris and fought the Warlord, Travis Morgan, multiple times. He was finally killed by Morgan when Deimos kidnapped his love interest, Tara. However, Deimos was soon resurrected by his servants using the Mask of Life. Before his resurrection, Deimos' abilities were all derived from Atlantean technology. Afterwards, he gained true black magic abilities. Deimos would Kidnap Travis' son, Joshua, and clone him for the purpose of killing Morgan for him. Morgan would kill both the clone and Deimos. This cycle of death and resurrection would continue until Deimos struck a bargain with a being called the Evil One. The Evil One brought him back to life, but removed Deimos' black magic powers. Deimos and Travis would battle a final time until the Warlord decapitates him and throws his head to a wolf pack.


It wasn't until Metallo and Silver Banshee supplied Deimos with high-tech energy weaponry that he succeeded in vanquishing most of the free people of Skartaris. In return, Deimos only had to give them a gigantic hunk of Kryptonite dubbed "The Great Stone". He gladly obliged, as he had much more to gain from that bargain. Deimos's army moved in on the citadel keeping the Stone, and fought Warlord's troops, who had recruited members of the Justice League. When Deimos managed to get inside the tabernacle, he was intercepted by Stargirl. He tried to fight her off with his special gauntlets, but her Staff overpowered him. Metallo promptly stepped in to handle Stargirl, until the Warlord engaged Deimos in a swordfight. After a few exchange of sword swings, Deimos is disarmed by his superior opponent. Even defeated, Deimos mocked Warlord's ideology of freedom and peace, and when he had his guard down, Deimos sprang at him and fell off a cliff.

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