After Intergang murdered Lois, Superman turned to Luthor for help. Together, they made Metropolis a "safer" city. However, they did so by turning it in a tyrannical police state. Though they were allies, Luthor had difficulty controlling Superman. When another Lois emerged, he feared it would turn Superman into his old self again, so he ordered Commander Graves to execute her. Mercy failed, and Superman and Lois met. Angry, the Man of Steel stormed Lex's office. He demanded that Luthor quit, but Lex still had one trick up his sleeve: kryptonite. In front of a weakened Superman, Luthor divulged him his plan: to deliver Superman to the resistance; telling them how he was the only thing between them and the wrath of the Kryptonian. However, he had not counted on the resistance coming to him. Seeing that his plan had failed, he made a run for it. He managed to escape the building by jet, but in a fight with Superman, it was damaged. The ejector seat malfunctioned, and Luthor was killed when the ship crashed into a giant statue of his own face.

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