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Jimmy was devastated when he learned Lois was killed. He wasn't there himself, but he had seen crime photos. Superman lost it and teamed up with Lex Luthor to make a safer Metropolis. Jimmy didn't like it. He, and many others with him, formed the resistance. After a heist at a LexCorp research and development facility, Jimmy ran into another Lois Lane. Surprised, he dragged her along to the rebel base at the Daily Planet building, but before she could explain, police stormed the building and they were separated. Jimmy was surprised to see Lois again, but angry when he found out she had brought Superman along. He threw a brick at him. It did not harm the Man of Steel, but emotionally, Superman was hurt that he could alienate so far from his old friend. Superman and Lois had a long talk with him, and Jimmy lightened up. He followed them to LexCorp, and confronted Luthor. Luthor escaped, but was killed on his flight. Though their ordeal was over, Jimmy could not cheer.

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