Arriving on EarthWhen Darkseid first set his sights on Earth, he sent Kanto to supply Bruno Mannheim with Apokoliptian technology. Kanto taught Mannheim and his men how to use the weapons, which they used to commit a series of petty crimes. The alliance between Kanto and Mannheim was uncovered by Dan Turpin, who put an end to it with Superman's help. Disappointed with Mannheim's failure to kill Superman, Kanto left Earth and returned to Apokolips. Mannheim desperately followed Kanto to Apokolips, where he became Darkseid's slave. Darkseid's ReturnA few years later, with Darkseid missing after his last encounter with Superman,[4] Apokolips was caught in a civil war. During the war, Kanto sided with Virman Vundabar against Granny Goodness's faction. When Darkseid was resurrected, Kanto quickly showed his loyalty to him. As Darkseid expressed his wish to invade Earth, though, Kanto reluctantly protested that the treaty with New Genesis was still in place. Darkseid smiled at Kanto and told him: "Where do you think I'm going next?"

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