According to a story Grodd told Clayface, Grodd transformed Giganta from an ape into a human woman with the power to increase her size to tremendous heights, with a proportionate increase in her strength. For this, she was hopelessly devoted to Grodd, and the member of the Society most loyal to him. It is unknown what happened to Giganta after the Society was defeated by the Justice League, but she resurfaced as a member of Grodd's Legion of Doom. She accompanied a Legion team to Norway assigned to steal the corpse of the Viking Prince. However, the Justice League intervened. In an effort to expedite the battle, J'onn J'onzz attempted to read Giganta's mind and learn their plan, but the fail-safe implanted in all Legion members' minds was activated and Giganta was instantly incapacitated. In her absence, her position as Grodd's girlfriend was usurped by Tala. She later recovered from her condition and got out of jail. Going to rejoin the Legion, she learned of Grodd's new relationship. This may have been a reason she supported Lex Luthor during the mutiny led by Grodd against his leadership. Surviving the mutiny, and Darkseid's destruction of the Legion's headquarters, she accompanied the surviving members to Earth, where she was one of the loudest voices demanding that the Legion be allowed to help defend it from Darkseid's invasion. During the battle, she fought Darkseid's parademons alongside The Flash and Green Lantern in Paris. After the battle, she and the other Legion members were given a five minute head start to run before being rounded up and returned to jail. Giganta gave up a few precious seconds to plant a goodbye kiss on the Flash (hinting that she harboured a secret crush on him). It is unknown what happened to her after that.

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