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Amanda Waller


Early LifeEdit

Born in East St. Louis, Waller obtained a Ph.D in political science, went on to work in intelligence under three administrations, and later disappeared from public life after becoming involved with secret government work, and eventually with Cadmus.

Project CadmusEdit

At some point, Amanda Waller was appointed head of the top secret Project Cadmus, a group formed at the behest of the United States government to create a counterforce to the Justice League should they go rogue.

Perhaps the most profound relationship she had was with Batman. She knew about his secret identity as she referred to him as "rich boy" but she chose to keep his secret. Later, Batman confronted her in her own highly-secured home. While she maintained an unflinching face against him as she explained her own motivations, Amanda was clearly shaken after talking to Batman while her own words eventually came to have an impact on the Dark Knight. Overall, many of the interactions between Cadmus and the Justice League were via these two individuals.

When the Question obtained intel on Cadmus and was captured, Waller gave orders to Dr. Moon to run a full interrogation on the Question. Soon after the Question was rescued by Superman and Huntress, the Justice League Watchtower appeared to have fired its binary fusion cannon and obliterated an evacuated Cadmus facility, causing much collateral damage to the city. Despite the Justice League's scrambled attempts to restore good faith with the people, and even going as far as turning in six of the founding members as an act of good faith, Waller was too impatient to wait for the order from the president, and so proceeded to deploy dozens of Ultimen clones led by Galatea to attack the Watchtower. However, Batman convinced her to investigate Lex Luthor's role in the base's destruction, and Waller quickly found evidence of Luthor stealing a massive amount of Cadmus technology for his own use. Now convinced that Luthor was behind the attack against Cadmus HQ all along, she attempted to call off the attack on the watchtower, but Galatea refused to stand down. In response, Waller released the founding Leaguers who surrendered themselves to government custody. With the Leaguers in tow, she personally went to arrest Luthor, stopping his attempt to transfer his consciousness into a copy of Amazo. At that point, Brainiac revealed himself (in Luthor) to Waller and the Justice League, and she took part in the battle against the two of them. Unknown to the League during this battle, Waller had ordered a massive airstrike on standby to kill the combined villains, the Leaguers, and even herself should the heroes have failed to stop the menace. Since the League were able to defeat the two fused villains, however, Waller aborted the air strike.

Government LiasionEdit

At some point afterward, Waller replaced King Faraday as the official liaison between the U.S. government and the Justice League. Together, they fought a reconstituted Royal Flush Gang, with the evolved but dying Ace as the leader. After the League defeated the gang, Waller gave Batman a device to put down Ace without the risk of her causing a catastrophic psychic backlash, at the cost of her life. Although Batman took the device and met with Ace alone, he never intended to use the device. Knowing that Batman wanted to ask her to undo the effects of her powers, and knowing she has only a small moment left to live, Ace tearfully asked that Batman stayed with her, and so he consoled her with his company until her time passed, and the reality she psychically warped is peacefully restored. This is a moment Waller would always remember that helped permanently solidify her respect and trust in Batman for the years to come.

With the disbandment of Cadmus, she declared the personnel (including herself) lucky to avoid jail for their extreme measures. Her newfound reason was demonstrated when she refused to hear out General Wade Eiling when he tried to convince her that the League still could not be trusted.

Project Batman BeyondEdit

<img alt="Project Batman Beyond" src="" width="200" height="112" class="thumbimage" data-image-name="Project Batman Beyond.png" data-image-key="Project_Batman_Beyond.png" />Waller overseeing Project Batman Beyond.Added by ThailogDuring her encounters with the Justice League, Amanda Waller developed a great admiration for Batman and came to believe that someone like him would always be needed. As she watched Batman age, she realized he wouldn't be around forever so she used her old Cadmus connections to devise a scheme to make another Batman. Obtaining samples of Batman's DNA after another battle was easy enough. Afterwards, Waller found a young Neo Gotham couple, Warren McGinnis and Mary McGinnis, who were almost identical psychological matches to Batman's father and mother. She organized to secretly overwrite Warren's reproductive material into a copy of Batman's via a nanotech injection under the guise of a flu shot, thus Terry McGinnis was born a year later; the genetic son of his birth mother and Batman. Several years later, Waller hired an assassin to murder the boy's parents at the original Batman's same age and under very similar circumstances to recreate the childhood trauma that began Bruce Wayne's journey to become Batman. However, the plan did not work as her assassin, realizing that she would be dishonoring everything Batman stood for, refused to subject another child to the same tragedy. When she realized she had crossed a line, Waller scrapped the project.

However, years later, when Terry was a teenager, fate seems to have intervened when his father is murdered during a corporate crime within Wayne-Powers, and Terry meets and confides in Bruce Wayne, the man he never knew was his genetic father. Bruce realized that Gotham still needed a Batman, and so saw fit to train Terry as his successor. Thus, Amanda Waller's project came to an unexpected success.

Meeting the second Batman Edit

<img alt="Epilogue" src="" width="200" height="112" class="thumbimage" data-image-name="Epilogue.jpg" data-image-key="Epilogue.jpg" />Waller talking with Terry McGinnis.Added by ThailogYears later, when Bruce suffered kidney failure and required a tissue donor to clone new ones, Terry McGinnis discovered, to his shock, that he was Batman's partial genetic copy. Angry about his seemingly deprived life and identity, and knowing that Cadmus was the only group to have technology advanced enough to alter DNA, the upset young Batman confronted Waller at her house, where she had been waiting for his visit for a long time. Waller revealed to Terry that he's Batman's son and that she has been keeping an eye on him his whole life. Waller convinced Terry that Bruce was a great man whom she respected, and that Terry is not Bruce's clone, but his son and that he lived up to the mantle of Batman very well, but he was still his own man and free to live his own life. She finally gave Terry some advice: hold on to the people he loves, which his biological father never could.[


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