When a costumed villainess calling herself Lady Lunar appeared in Metropolis, Batman recognized her powers as similar to the Moonman. NASA pilot Brice Rogers had been affected by radiation while orbiting the moon in the early years of the space agency, giving him the powers he used to commit crimes as the Moonman. Fortunately, the afflication was temporary. Batman and Superman interviewed Rogers in Gotham City, but he was unable to aid their research. Batman traced Roger's old moon capsule to S.T.A.R. Labs, where it had been shipped from Houston as part of astronaut trainee Stacy Macklin's lecture on past lunar exploration. S.T.A.R. Labs director Dr. Jenet Klyburn had ordered the capsule removed from the exhibit at the last minute and moved to the labs. When Batman and Superman located the capsule, they found it once again aglow with the energies that had created the Moonman. They could only speculate that moving the capsule had somehow reactivated it. They also suspected that the doctor was Lady Lunar, however via involuntary transformation.

Lady Lunar witnessed when Lex Luthor usurped Grodd's throne and when the Flash, in Luthor's body, addressed the Legion. Lady Lunar also took part in the civil war amongst the villainous organization, siding with Grodd's faction. However, when Killer Frost froze the villains who sided with Grodd, she was seen standing beside the Cheetah who is in Luthor's side so she was presumed to have switch sides. However, she did not make it inside Sinestro's bubble when the revived Darkseid blew up the spacecraft.

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