Dr. Hugo Strange


Discovering Batman's secret identityEdit

After witnessing how judge Maria Vargas put her life in peril to recover a mysterious cassette, Batman decided to investigate. Bruce Wayne then visited the Yuca Springs Resort after he learned that Judge Vargas has visited the resort weeks before all of these strange events had taken place. Once he arrived at the spa, Bruce signed up for a stress reduction program in order to gather information. After a therapy session, in which the doctor used a special mind-reading device that he invented, Hugo Strange accidentally discovered that Wayne was Batman to his surprise. He decided not to use Batman's secret identity to blackmail him, but instead he contacted the Joker, Two-Face and the Penguin to auction a tape revealing the secret. However, Wayne made a false recording of Strange going on about how he would use the machine to con the supervillains, and then destroyed the mind-invading device. When the villains saw Strange's modified video, they were furious and kidnapped Strange, taking him to an airplane. He told them Wayne is Batman, but they didn't believe him. The Joker was about to throw him off the plane, but were foiled by Batman. Strange then tried to tell this fact to Commissioner James Gordon but the billionaire himself (which was actually Dick Grayson in disguise) showed up and that charade rendered Strange's accusation impossible. He was later delivered to the police.

Recruited by CadmusEdit

<img alt="StrangeCadmus" src="" width="180" height="135" class="thumbimage" data-image-name="StrangeCadmus.jpg" data-image-key="StrangeCadmus.jpg" />Hugo Strange in Project Cadmus's conference room.Added by ThailogYears later, Hugo Strange became a division head on Project Cadmus. Despite being led to believe that Bruce Wayne was not Batman, he may have discovered the truth and possibly told Amanda Waller about Batman's secret identity. 


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