Originally a leader of a group of terrorists from Angor that were destroyed in a nuclear holocaust, that they themselves have caused.  His image and the image of his team was used to create robots for a theme park. The personalities of these robots were so driven by their no longer living counter-parts, that they decided to re-enact their terrorist goals of conquest on Earth. They were stopped by the then still active Justice League of Europe. The Lord Havok robot would be later re-activated by a possessed Maxwell Lord. But after a fight with the Justice League, he was again deactivated.  New life would was given to him and his partners when Twilight re-activated all the extremists to fought against Supergirl and Power Girl. For a time, Maxwell Lord posed as a new Lord Havok. But for the time of Infinity crisis, he had abandoned that identity.


ord Havok was a member of a group of supervillains that battled the Justice League. He was incapacitated by Batman, who used an electrically charged Batarang on him.

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