Justice League Unlimited Vol 1 -32

Justice League Unlimited Vol 1 #32

Guy Gardner was a member of the Green Lantern Corps. After defeating Darkseid with Superman and Stargirl, Takion offered him to become the Green Lantern of the Fourth World, which he accepted.


Guy Gardner was born to parents Roland (Rolly) Gardner and Peggy Gardner in Baltimore, Maryland. Guy had a rough childhood and was often beaten by his abusive father. Despite this, Guy always struggled to please his father but his father only seemed to appreciate the accomplishments of Guy's older brother, Mace. Guy's only escape was reading comic books that he collected, particularly those of General Glory. He even modeled his own haircut after the General's kid sidekick as a kid and even when he first became a Green Lantern.

As a kid Guy tried to do many things to impress his father, for example he built a radio from scratch for a school project. As he got older, Guy eventually grew tired of trying to please his father, and started getting in trouble at school and later with the law. He got in trouble for stealing cars getting into fights, and as a result he got sent to Juvenile Hall more than once. Once Guy turned eighteen his criminal life caught up with him. A couple of police officers caught him trying to steal a car one day, but instead of taking him to jail the officers took him to see his brother, Mace. Mace had become a police officer himself in their home town of Baltimore and, Mace enlisted the other officer's help in setting Guy straight. After giving Guy a bit of a beating Mace gave Guy a big wad of cash, and told him to start acting right. This hit moment was a moment of clarity for Guy and afterwards he went out and got a job.Guy also got his General Education Diploma (G.E.D.), and began an education at the prestigious University of Michigan (U of M). At U of M he became good friends with John Henry Irons, who would later become the hero Steel.

He graduated from (U of M) and left the school with a Bachelor's in Psychology and Education. He also took many classes in engineering as well as playing in several sports. Sadly, when he came back home to his family, things were worse than before. His brother had been kicked off the force for the extortion of several drug dealers. Apparently, Mace had been blackmailing them. Mace drowned himself in a local river apparently from depression. This event drove their father's alcoholism to a whole new level, and it ended up killing him. Guy always struggled with his anger and aggression and because of this demon he decided to use his career to help others with the same problem. Guy became a social caseworker and helped prison inmates. One of these inmates ended up being Hal Jordan. Hal was in the correctional facility because of an alcohol problem. This most likely resonated with Guy because of his own father. While Guy and Hal ware in prison during a huge prison riot, Guy lost his temper, and in a rage he attacked one of the inmates. Hal ended up pulling him off. After this, Guy had to leave this career path, believing it only fueled his natural anger and aggression. His next job was as a Physical Education teacher for special education children. Guy loved to teach and loved his new job and students loved him as well and regarded him as their favorite teacher.

It is at this time that a fatally wounded Abin Sur crash lands his ship on Earth. Abin Sur was a member of an intergalactic police force known as the Green Lantern Corps. In his last act as Green Lantern he used his Power Ring to scan all the people of earth. The ring was to search for one that was honest as well as without fear. The ring found two who were worthy of the ring but the best choice, Guy Gardner, was too far away and Abin Sur told the ring to choose the closer target - Hal Jordan. Hal eventually found out about Guy and he always kept Guy in the back of his mind in case he ever needed a replacement. When Abin died the ring bonded itself with Hal and Hal became the famous Green lantern of 2814.

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