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Kilowog was in the Superman the Animated Series, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. These appearances made him a big part of the DC Animated Universe or DCAU. He was voiced by actor Dennis Haysbert. Even though he did not have a speaking role in Superman the Animated Series he did have in important role in the DCAU

In the Justice League episode "In Blackest Night" Part One and Two Kilowog was witness and to John Stewart's trial of genocide and was the only Green lantern who believed he was innocent. He thought he may have been guilty at first but was convinced by Hawkgirl that he made a mistake. Later, in episode "Hearts and Minds" part One and Two Kilowog came under attack with some other Green lanterns by the forces of Despero. and was sent to the justice League for help. Two other Green Lantern were killed in this incident. It was at this time that he became friends with the Flash. He became such a good friend of the league that in the episode "Hereafter" he and some other Lantern came back to earth when Superman was believed to be dead.

During the time Justice League Unlimited in the episode "The Return" Kilowog was among the many forces who were asked to stop Amazo. All the Heroes that could be raised could not stand against Amazo but Amazo ended up not being a threat and the crisis was averted.


Kilowog is from the planet Bolovax Vik in sector 674 where he was a genetic scientist. When he was recruited into the Green Lantern Corps he was trained by Lantern instructor, Ermey. It was from Ermey that Kilowog learned the phrase "Poozer" for a "useless rookie", a phrase Kilowog would become famous for when he himself would train future Lanterns. Ermey was killed while leading the rookie Lanterns, including Kilowog, in helping Lanterns who were under attack and losing power. Before he died, Ermey painted a Green Lantern symbol on Kilowog's chest, signifying that he was no longer a rookie and told him that he could be a leader in the future. One of the Lanterns helped was Sinestro who was also impressed by Kilowog.

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