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Arkkis Chummuck was one of the Green Lantern Corps members seen in the DC Animated universe. Arkkis appeared in the Justice League two-part episode “In Blackest Night,” where the Green Lantern Corps suspected John Stewart of destroying the planet Orando, and in the Justice League Unlimited episode “Hearts and Minds,” where the League and the Green Lantern Corps fought off Despero. Arkkis was voiced by series star Michael Rosenbaum. In addition Arkkis was featured in a number of comic book tie-ins to both series.


Arkkis Chummuck was an archivist from the planet Toomi IV. Toomi IV was set to invade their sister planet Xanshi. However, Toomi’s advances were stopped by Reever, the Green Lantern Corps member of sector 1313. Arkkis used information learned about the Green Lantern Corps to deduce their weakness to the color yellow. Using yellow armor, Arkkis defeated Reever, unintentionally killing him. As per his people's custom, he ate the Green Lantern's remains. Arkkis was chosen by Reever’s power ring to be worthy to join the Green Lantern Corps. Arkkis accepted the ring, and returned to his homeworld of Toomi IV where he used his new powers to force his people from further conquest, ending the war with Xanshi. However, his actions did not go unnoticed by the Green Lantern Corps’ chief prosecutor, Malet Dasim, who prosecuted Arkkis under the charge that he had murdered Reever and used his ring to conquer Toomi IV. Arkkis was put on trial on Oa. At the trial, Arkkis was defended by Reever's nest brother who stated that the Green Lantern acted nobly to end the war. Arkkis was acquitted and Malet Dasim was charged by the Guardians of the Universe to act as his supervisor while Arkkis learned the ways of the Corps. Arkkis became the Green Lantern of sector 3014.

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