Fire took part in several JL missions; she integrated the second line of defense against Amazo, she fought Mordru, the Dark Heart mechanical spiders, and the army of Ultimen that raided the Watchtower. She was very respectful of the senior members, and hesitated in contradicting them.

Fire also escorted Shayera and the Flash to the Blackhawk Island. In this mission, Fire showed some interest in the Flash, with whom she exchanged some mutual flirting. Fire was a rather competent combatant, and she single-handedly managed to negate Doctor Polaris's magnetic power by overheating him.

Fire was also one of Roulette's unwitting contenders in her "Meta-Brawl: Glamour Slam". She fought opposite Black Canary and had the upper hand for a while, even managing to burn her, but was effectively overwhelmed by her adversary's sonic scream.

Fire later fought alongside the League and the Legion of Doom during Darkseid's latest invasion of Earth. After Darkseid and Lex Luthor's disapppearance, Fire was among the Leaguers in pursuit of the Legion of Doom.


Beatriz da Costa is a rare example of a relatively popular Brazilian superhero in a mainstream comic continuity. Her background is rather convoluted because of the nature of her creation. She was created for the Super Friends franchise which was popular in both in both print and on screen. Thus as she made the transition to comics her portrayal was based on that as it was elsewhere. Compounding this fact was that shortly after her introduction that DC Comics had a company-wide reboot following the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Beatriz had two origins fairly close together in real life which were different enough to cause confusion among readers between the two versions. In the initial version her mother is Carlota da Costa and her father is a surveyor in the Amazon River Basin. Beatriz was born among a tribe of people known as the Ge as result of this. It was foretold by the religious man that she would have great powers as determined by the Sky Spirit. Although the family as skeptical of this news, when she was 15 she was contacted telepathically by the religious man and told of her powers. After learning to use them she started her superhero career as the Green Flame. In her civilian identity she became the head of the Brazilian branch of Wayne Enterprises.

Her origin after Crisis on Infinite Earths was changed in parts to make her fit better into the DC continuity. In this version, she is now born in Rio de Janeiro and became a supermodel. After growing disillusioned with this line of work she transferred to the field of espionage and became a spy in the Brazilian Espionage Network. She excelled with certain technological items, including a pyroplasmic gun. After her boss stole one of these weapons she was assigned to get it back. The weapon ended up exploding and bathing her in pyroplasmic rays which in turn gave her superpowers (though this version did not have the ability to cast illusions.) Because of her failure she became a hunted fugitive. She eventually discovered a degree of safety with the Global Guardians where she assumed the named Green Fire.

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