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Boston Brand was a circus performer who was murdered during a circus act, and consequently forced to dwell in the Earthly realm as a ghost. He was told that once he brought his killer to justice, his exile would be lifted, so he turned to Batman, who helped him solve his murder; however, Deadman still remained a ghost. Then, under the guidance of The Master—a Himalayan monk—it was revealed that his destiny was avenging the Master's death, rather than his own. This unfortunate incident took place moments after it was prophesied at the hands of Devil Ray, when the Legion of Doom raided the temple of Nanda Parbat. Deadman possessed the body of Rampage and attacked the Legion, but he was exorcised by Tala. The Legion stole the Heart of Nanda Parbat, a mystical totem that contained the souls of hundreds monks. Upon this, the deity-guide Rama Kushna informed Deadman that he had to retrieve the Heart to restore the monks' souls; otherwise they'd be trapped in-between realms forever.

Deadman sought out the Justice League's help, and after briefing the heroes using Superman's body, they headed off to Gorilla City, where Grodd was moving in. Deadman managed to shut down the city's force field to let the Leaguers in. When he spotted Devil Ray, Deadman entered Wonder Woman's body to take his revenge. He thrashed Devil Ray within an inch of his life, but the memory of his Master prevented him from taking it any further. He then used Atomic Skull's body to help stop Grodd's plans. However, later on when Devil Ray attempted to kill Wonder Woman, Deadman possessed Batman, picked up a fallen gun and shot Devil Ray, who was thrust into a panel of wires, unintentionally killing him.

Shortly after, Rama Kushna informed Deadman that his reckless actions upset the scales of karma, even though he was successful in restoring the monks' souls. Deadman still needs to carry on with his work on Earth to balance the scales.

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