In ancient Egypt, two Thangarians descended from the Heavens and crash landed on Earth. With a ship that was unable to be repaired, the duo, Shayera and Kator Hol, shared their technology with the Egyptians and a rush of prosperity went over the land.

Later in their rule, Shayera wanted to have a child with Kator Hol; Kator, however, wanted to wait until more kingdoms were conquered and instead looked blindly when Shayera started showing interest in one of Kator's top generals, Ashari. When Kator finally saw the two kissing, he muttered under his breath that he wished they were dead, something his assistant, Hath-Set, took literally. Hath-Set poisoned Shayera and Bashari's wine and they were later discovered by a servant: there they both laid, dead, on a bed together. Seeing this scene, Kator wept for his lost wife and took a drink of the poisoned wine, ending the legacy of the Thanagarian's on Earth.

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