Bwana beast



B'wana Beast was present at Superman's speech to the newly expanded Justice League. He was standing to the left of Doctor Light.[1]

When Wonder Woman was changed into a pig, Batman called for B'wana Beast for his expertise in tracking down animals. He was about to get a hold on Wonder Woman, but then lost track of her in a pig sty.[2] B'wana Beast was present on the Watchtower when it was invaded by the Ultimen. He was seen rushing at one of the Juice clones.[3]

B'wana Beast witnessed Superman's speech announcing the next reformation of the Justice League and the addition of the Metro Tower. He stood behind the Ray.[4]

With the Question, Metamorpho, and Steel, B'wana Beast was one of the first heroes to chase after the defunct Secret Society members after Batman gave them a "head start".


After graduating from college with highest honors, Mike Maxwell declined his millionaire father's offer to join the family business and instead decided to join his college roommate, Rupert Kenboya, in Africa becoming a game warden and head of the Zambesi nation's new animal preserves.

When the private aircraft carrying Maxwell and Kenboya to Zambesi was struck by lightning and crashed atop mount Kilimanjaro, the two injured men took refuge in the cavern home of a mutant red ape.

While drinking rainwater that had been filtered through the cavern's mineral laden walls, Maxwell suddenly found he was growing larger, stronger and more ferocious, and was able to subdue the attacking red ape with ease.

Acknowledging Maxwell as its master, the red ape retrieved an ancient helmet from the depths of the cave and placed it on Maxwell's head. Through the helmet, Maxwell was able to read the ape's mind and discovered its name was Djuba. He also discovered that the helmet enabled him to control the actions of all other animals. Agreeing these new powers must be used for the good of all Africa, Maxwell created the identity of B'wana Beast, and became the Dark Continent's super troubleshooter.

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