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Meeting Superman

For years Aquaman was considered an urban legend, until he was kidnapped and caged by Lex Luthor. He called out, telepathically, to all sea creatures to attack the "surface dwellers." The attack was stopped by Lois Lane, with the help of Superman.

A New EraEdit

Years later, Aquaman sank the nuclear submarine USS Defiant for intruding into Atlantean territory. When the Justice League responded to the Defiant's distress call, Aquaman allowed the League to rescue the crew on the condition that the vessel be left at the bottom of the ocean. Superman encouraged him to address his concerns to the World Assembly; Aquaman, however, remained skeptical. His military advisers urged him to take the necessary measures and wipe the "surface-dwellers" out from the face of the Earth, but Aquaman instead opted to visit the World Assembly building, and met with the council. There he imposed a peace treaty that would implicate a near-surrender by the surface-dwellers. When his demands were declined, Aquaman stormed out of the World Assembly building, where he was attacked by Deadshot. Aquaman was badly injured, but was promptly saved thanks to the genius of Batman, who provided a special water tank where he recovered. Escaping from the League's custody, Aquaman headed back to Atlantis, only to find his brother, Lord Orm, had usurped his throne.

Aquaman was taken away and shackled to a reef near a volcano, together with his son, and Orm sent them plummeting toward the lava. Aquaman managed to break one arm free, but in the face of the imminent death of his infant son, he used his metal belt buckle to sever his own left hand, which he later replaced with a prosthetic harpoon.

After rescuing his son, Aquaman learned that Orm had activated the Doomsday Thermal Reactor, a last-resort weapon Aquaman had built to melt the polar ice caps in case of war with the surface-dwellers. Aquaman set off to disarm it and stop his brother. The two brothers sparred until the ice bridge collapsed. Aquaman ignored his brother's pleas for his life and let him fall into his death. Thereafter, Aquaman pondered about how his own fear for the surface-dwellers put his kingdom and family in peril.

Aquaman attended Superman's funeral. Additionally, after the funeral, he was a candidate to replace Superman on the Justice League's initial roster. While Lobo claimed the initial spot (albeit by intrusion and force), the records Superman uncovered in the destroyed Earth's future listed Aquaman as a member. It's safe to assume, then, that had Superman not returned to his present, Aquaman would have become the eighth member.

Justice LeagueEdit

He dealt with the Ultimen along with Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. He faced off against Downpour who realized far too late that the Atlantian's innate aquatic advantage made him the worst opponent he could face.

Aquaman was with the Justice League's response to the Dark Heart landing.

He also led an attack against the otherworldly Icthultu. After the Thanagarian invasion, he began working with Dr. Fate. He took a personal investment in the recovery of Hawkgirl, perhaps due to her involvement in the Icthultu conflict.

Aquaman was missing in action as of the 2040s. His daughter Aquagirl had succeeded to his League post. It is likely his son has since succeeded him as king of Atlantis after his passing/disappearance.

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