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Heat wave

JLU Heatwave


Heatwave was presumably known for his clashes with the Flash, being depicted (along with Captain Boomerang and the Mirror Master) in a Lightspeed Energy Bar commercial starring the Scarlet Speedster.He would later join Grodd's Legion of Doom. When Grodd discovered the location of the Viking Prince's burial ship, he sent Heatwave, Giganta, Killer Frost, and Devil Ray to retrieve it. Heatwave's attempt to thaw the ice surrounding the ship was interrupted by Wonder Woman. Despite Devil Ray poisoning the superheroine, Wonder Woman eventually defeated the villains with the help of J'onn J'onzz, Green Arrow, and King Faraday and his agents. Heatwave and his fellow villains were presumably imprisoned. Heatwave somehow escaped and rejoined the Legion. During the mutiny, the villain sided with Lex Luthor. He attempted to burn Blockbuster to death, but was hit by Silver Banshee's scream. After Darkseid's resurrection, Heatwave and the surviving members of the Legion went back to Earth and helped the Justice League fight the forces of Apokolips and save the world. As a "reward" for their help, the League granted Heatwave and the other villains a five-minute head start before going after them. Heatwave was last seen fleeing the Metro Tower alongside the other wanted criminals.

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