The Sewer King, as his name implied, lived in the sewers of Gotham City. After residing there for some time, he began kidnapping the orphaned children of Gotham. Giving them a "home", "food", and a "place to rest", he put them to work doing various tasks, including sewing, manual labor, and stealing. After living under such conditions, the children's eyes became acclimated to the darkness. As such, The Sewer King used light to punish them for any offense. Offenses included failure to return home and talking. Additionally, sewer crocodiles patrolled the area, preventing any unwelcome visitors from straying into the Sewer King's realm.

After a series of thievery reportedly caused by "leprechauns", Batman began investigating the true cause. Cornering one child called "Frog", Batman tried to confront him, but ended up bringing the boy to the Batcave with him. Though the boy refused to speak, he eventually led Batman through the sewers to the Sewer King's hideaway. The Sewer King provided a little difficulty for Batman to apprehend, but in the end he prevailed. Appalled by the villain's actions, Batman expressed a great desire to end the Sewer King's life there and then, but restrained himself and instead handed him to the police.


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