Lucius Fox was a brilliant and talented businessman who oversaw and managed the day to day operations of Wayne Enterprises. Fox's management of the company allowed Bruce Wayne the free time to pursue his crime fighting adventures as Batman. Fox also became indirectly involved in Batman's adventures several times. Examples include when Matt Hagen impersonated Bruce Wayne in order to steal incriminating records and Fox was injured in the process and when Vertigo stole a prototype sonic drill that Fox was supervising its unloading and transfer into Gotham City.

On a personal note, Bruce and Fox shared a strong friendship; their relationship was so strong in fact, that he served as Bruce's best man when he married a plant based life form created by Poison Ivy as part of a scheme.

Fox and his family would remain actively involved with Wayne Enterprises for decades until Derek Powers took over control of the company. When Powers took over, Fox's family left and created their own rival company, Foxteca


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