Gregory Belson was once one of GothCorp's cryogenics laboratories heads who invested his money in a miracle drug that didn't come into the market. Belson was bankrupt as he owed the money to his investor Dean Arbagast. While he left Bruce Wayne's party, Belson found himself ice in the road as he saw Mister Freeze, who revealed that he was Victor Fries, the man Belson had worked with years ago. Belson agreed to help Freeze into finding a cure for Nora Fries for enough money to pay off his debts. Fries had the money to do this due to him finding a gold vein in the deep Arctic, but problems arose when Belson diagnosed that it required an organ transplant. However, as there weren't any deceased donors to make the operation, they decided to use one that was alive, so they chose Barbara Gordon. Freeze went to kidnap Barbara, and Belson tried to make the operation, but Barbara tried to escape and they handcuffed her. When Belson was calling Arbagast saying he was able to retire his debts, a bell-like sound was heard, confirming they were at an abandoned oil rig. Batman and Robin learned this and went to the rig to rescue Barbara. Belson pulled a gun and began shooting, accidentally shooting an oil tank and causing a fire. Belson tried to escape, ignoring Freeze's demands that he make the operation. Belson then betrayed Freeze and tried to escape in his boat. However, when the factory began to explode, Belson met his end when he was crushed by falling debris.


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